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Lovely. A whole community dedicated to Ju-on!

I've been a fan of the movies for quite a long time now, though I prefer the originals before the remakes (for various reasons, not at least because I saw the originals first). I also have an almost compulsive desire to own everything that is only remotely connected to the universe and tend to analyze the movies in every small detail whenever I re-watch one :)

And so that this won't be a mere introduction post, I have some offerings:

I'm not sure if anyone is interested, but I wrote a Ju--on fic as a Christmas present for a friend. It's mostly based on the first cinematic release focuses on the Rika timeline (and so on Rika and Kayako), and is written from Kayako's point of view (which was a very interesting and somehow rather unsettling experiences), rated R.

For more info, check the author notes at the beginning of the story: Circles (link leads to my LJ)

And I'm sure most of you saw them already, but I ripped and uploaded the two Ju-on short movies for my flist some time ago. They are without any subtitles and the rips aren't the best (I was still learning at that time), but in case someone is interested, you can find them here:

(since they are stored on my own web space, just right click + save as):

Ju-on (avi, 29 MB)
Ju-on - In a Corner (avi, 33 MB)

Nice to meet you all!
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