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Here we go again...with a twist

9:41 PM 5/18/09 · I kinda mentioned this in a little blurb on my journal but the main reason I rented this, cuz I didn't think it was going to be any good, was to see if it continued to balance things out. This series was spawned from a Japanese horror classic called Ju·On: The Grudge that was hands down one of the scariest things I'd ever seen. The Grudge & The Grudge 2 tell the same story it does in two parts...

...Ju·On was really fucking long!

There's a Ju·On 2 and I wanted to know if The Grudge 3 was the same story that was, or had a lot of elements from it. After having watched it, and what I remember from the 2nd in the Japanese part of the series, I'd have to say that would be a no.

What I didn't expect was for the 3rd Grudge to be so fucking good!

An interesting bit I picked up from the "making of" portion, which I only mention because I was very impressed by it, is that despite the fact the movie takes place in Tokyo & Chicago...the entire thing was filmed in Bulgaria.

Dunno why I think that's so cool.

I just do.

The Grudge 3 takes off just a little bit after the last one left off, a few months to a year I'm guessing given the age of the only character who survived the last time around. As is usually the case, the curse followed him and eventually deals with him...but that was predictable. However, having pursued its victims from Japan to the United States it seems to have decided to take up residence in this new location.

Makes a sort of sense. The curse permeates the dwelling it occupies and an apartment building means more space to infest and thus greater power ultimately.

There are a number of people that live there but the story is mainly localized around 3 characters. The guy that manages the building and his two sisters. There's also another main element in the form of Naoko, the still living sister of the ghost Kayako, who has followed the curse here to finally bring about its end.

I don't remember Naoko from the previous films, even in that brief bit of origin that traced Kayako to her childhood and why she was such an ideal choice for the curse to localize around. The boy ghost Toshio I think is being played by a different actor but I'm not sure, would have to look that up. As to Kayako, it's still the original actor...which isn't surprising given there isn't anybody else on the planet that can move like that.

As with the previous films in The Grudge series it was nice to see that the original director of Ju·On, Takashi Shimizu, had a hand in making this. It's pretty much his involvment that I think has kept the franchise so alive. Kinda gives me hope for a Ju·On 3 somewhere down the line and maybe The Grudge 4 with any luck...

...though I'm pretty convinced that if he ever gets out of the picture and future films of the series, American or Japanese, are made they will likely blow chunks.

This movie was un·fucking·believably excellent!
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